MashTraditional processes and premium ingredients are the blueprint of each beer crafted at Ore Dock Brewing Company.  Ales that emphasize balance and drinkability, each sip engaging the senses while providing for effortless enjoyment.  We’re less interested in pushing the boundaries of craft beer and more about defining ourselves by uniquely meeting standards set forth over centuries and within frameworks of traditional style.  That isn’t to say we don’t have our fun.  But we’re serious about what we do.  Beer is our passion.

Like the great foundation of our peninsula, we’re a little bit of everything.  On our best days we find ourselves at roughly 60% Belgian,  20% English, and 20% American.  We take great pride in creating true-to-style ales crafted from ingredients that actually belong there.  From the finest two-row barley of England and France, to hops such as the Noble Saaz, North American bittering bombs like Columbus, and the earthy English Fuggle, we let our beers speak their own language.

TansferThough it all begins at the source.  And for us, that’s practically a stone’s throw away.  Hang a left outside the brewery doors and stare down 10% of the Earth’s entire fresh water supply.  That’s Lake Superior.  For all but three months of the year,  she enters the brewhouse a mere one degree above freezing.  It’s the cleanest, coldest, softest water supply that a fermentable transformation could ask for.  And as the typical life span of a water molecule existing as liquid in the “big lake” is roughly 100 years, we like to think all that time spent bonding might actually lead to molecular aspirations outside of merely playing a part in the hydrological cycle.  We help them get there in the form of Ore Dock ale.  After all, it’s what water wants to be!

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