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Est'd 2012

Our Story

Our love of craft beer started many years ago, but the story of Ore Dock Brewing Company started in the summer of 2009 during a 4,000 mile road trip across the western United States. Up to this point, whenever we found ourselves traveling to a new place, we had formed a habit of visiting the local brewery. Local breweries always seemed to exude native culture and never failed to provide an eclectic mix of friendly people, not to mention the fact that each region had its own unique beer styles and local favorites. We especially enjoyed those breweries that exhibited a clear link to their community, utilized locally produced ingredients and products, and fostered local art and music.

The trip out West was no exception; in fact we planned our route based on the breweries we wanted to try. Somewhere between the stunning western landscape and the amazing breweries that we visited, we were surprised to find ourselves homesick for the Upper Peninsula. It was then that we realized we wanted to take the atmosphere at these breweries and infuse it with all the things we love about Marquette, and the dream to start a microbrewery was born. We began working on a business plan and found that we were truly passionate about our idea; passionate enough to get through more than two years of working, planning, and saving. Ore Dock Brewing Company officially opened its doors and taps in May of 2012.

We are so very grateful to the many wonderful friends and family who have been supportive and helpful in so many ways along our journey. We strive to make Ore Dock Brewing Company a true reflection of all the things we love about Marquette and the Upper Peninsula. Cheers!

Our Building

Ore Dock Brewing Co. spans the confines of two adjacent buildings along Spring Street in historic downtown Marquette.  Located just off of Front Street, the brewery sits where a nearby fire in 1868 all but completely devastated the downtown district.  Shortly thereafter, the city issued an ordinance stating that all newly constructed downtown buildings would no longer be afforded the opportunity to use wood as their primary construction source.  As a result, many of the historic buildings still found in existence today showcase the ornate architecture derived from local sandstone deposits.  Part of Ore Dock Brewing Co. reflects that heritage.

According to some sources, the building that sits at 112 W. Spring St. was initially built in 1864.  A two story building (at the time only half of its current size), this space saw a wholesale grain and grocer occupy the lower level for much of the late 1800’s and into the turn of the century.  While upstairs, a Chinese laundry operated until the early 1910’s.  In 1910, the building more than doubled in size with a sandstone addition extending further to the north.  The change is visibly obvious as the concentration of sandstone used at that time was much less than its original counterpart.  Shortly thereafter, the 150 year old building began its century long stint as a car garage for both sales and service, complete with a ramp allowing for storage of vehicles on the second floor.  Though the ramp has since been removed, one’s senses can still be elevated by the variety of community events, live music, and wide selection of craft beers found each and every week at Ore Dock.

Our Brewery

Traditional processes and premium ingredients are the blueprint of each beer crafted at Ore Dock Brewing Company.  Ales that emphasize balance and drinkability, each sip engaging the senses while providing for effortless enjoyment.  We’re less interested in pushing the boundaries of craft beer and more about defining ourselves by uniquely meeting standards set forth over centuries and within frameworks of traditional style.  That isn’t to say we don’t have our fun.  But we’re serious about what we do.  Beer is our passion.

Our Community

Where craft beer and community meet.  These words have helped drive the mission at Ore Dock since the beginning.  Our goal has continuously been two-fold: to craft great beer and help craft a great community.  Historically, breweries have always played a central role within their communities. We strive to reclaim that idea here in Marquette.

We wouldn’t be here without the support of our community and we’re committed to returning the favor.

The Crew

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