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Job Summary
Live Sound & Light Engineer will work closely with our entertainment and events team to provide live audio and lighting for performances and special events. As a critical member of the events team, you will be responsible for the safe operation of audio & lighting equipment that meets the needs of performers and provides a quality experience for patrons. This will include setting up equipment, conducting soundchecks, and making sure equipment is inventoried and securely stored after performance.

Key Responsibilities (but are not limited to):
• Maintain professionalism with talent, staff, and guests at all times.
• Act as point of contact for stage needs of live performers
• Safely assemble and operate sound and lighting equipment
• Maintain schedule and facilitate Load-in, staging, and soundchecks
• Ensure proper use and maintain inventory of equipment
• Diagnose faulty equipment; performing minor repair and preventative maintenance
• Ensure sound quality and lighting meets Ore Dock Brewing Co. standards
• Ability to calmly troubleshooting technical issues as needed

Job Requirements:
• Weekend and evening work required
• Strong communication skills and positive attitude
• General knowledge of electrical, audio, and lighting equipment
• Ability to lift and carry 55 lbs